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Vaccines as Treatment

In a world where new research is being done on modern treatments for human health, the demand for vaccination processes based on old research is also increasing.
Vaccination is essential in the category of early interventional treatment.
In developing countries, early vaccination against various diseases can reduce the incidence of certain diseases.
Two or three types of vaccines are considered essential in these countries: polio, AIDS, and TB. However, in view of increasing scientific and practical research, there is a need to expand the scope of vaccination, including hepatitis B. It is important to be protected from * and * C’ * Tetanus’ Sugar Allergy (Asthma) and skin-related diseases.
Unfortunately, in our country, Pakistan, the growth rate of these mentioned diseases is also increasing!!
Due to climate change, international weather effects, and sudden increases and decreases in temperature, strange skin diseases have developed.
Due to the worst situation in the country’s economy, diabetes, high blood pressure, and mental diseases have also increased due to people’s thoughts and grief.
Day by day, due to accidents on the road, in trains, etc., even in the physical aid of the injured, the vaccinations that are urgently needed are not provided.
Among these is *Inj*: T T, introduced in the old research. Now, it is unavailable, and no vaccine has been made to replace it.
In urgent cases, there is no research or treatment for the diseases caused by dog ​​or snake bites, nor is there any vaccine available on the market.
Hereditary diseases, thalassemia, paralysis, and chicken pox can also be vaccinated against and are included in the Institute of Health’s research activities.
But what to do is that no one in this country is an expert in his work, nor is he sincere in his field.
If only 50% of the budget is spent on education, health, and agriculture in a country and a five-year plan is made, then all the problems related to the economy, unemployment, and distress will be solved by themselves. The main tool of development of any developed country has always been the consideration of that country’s education, health, and strength of professionals.
The biggest problems in Pakistan have been noted in terms of health and education, for which there is neither a particular budget nor an expert team, due to which the people are physically sick. Psychologically, no one is capable of making a decision!!!
An educated and healthy society is, and its decisions can also be, a beacon for the future nation.
It is a tragedy that thousands of doctors leave this country on visas as soon as they receive their degrees every year.
Because there is a lack of employment in this country.
And then, where did the professionals come from?
According to a report, there is only one doctor for every five lakh people for mental diseases in this country.
This health challenge has existed in this country for a long time and still exists at the same rate.
When a metropolitan person becomes the federal and provincial health minister, what policy will he make regarding health?
He will only build his own house.
Presenting and passing bills in the health and education sector in the assembly also depends on educated people.!!?.



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