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Causes of Constipation

Constipation, Causes, and Home Remedies

Constipation generally means passing stool three or fewer times a week. However, it can also mean tension in the stomach due to the lack of stools, which are small, hard, and dry. The good news is that constipation is easy to treat and eliminate if you know its causes.

Causes of Constipation: Lifestyle and Diet

A poor diet and an inactive lifestyle are the most common causes of constipation. Overeating junk food and not exercising can have devastating effects on your health. Some dietary factors that can cause you to become constipated are as follows.

• Eating more foods that contain milk, yogurt, or dairy products

• Eating more foods that are high in fat and sugar

• Lack of fiber-rich foods (such as fruits, vegetables, and oatmeal).

• Dehydration, drinking less water

• Alcohol or caffeine use

Also, as soon as you need to pass away, go to the toilet immediately. Holding stools until the right time and place can also lead to constipation. Changes in daily routines can also cause problems for the digestive system, which can lead to constipation. For example, having trouble accessing the toilet, lack of exercise, and changes in diet can also cause constipation. So, if you’re traveling, try to keep up with your routine and eat fiber-rich foods, exercise, and drink plenty of water.

Causes of Constipation

Constipation is a common side effect of many prescribed medications. If you have started taking a new drug and notice that the shape or pattern of your stools has changed, consult your doctor to control the problem in time.

Poor physical health can also cause constipation. It can be a side effect of an illness restricting food movement through your intestines, causing you to become constipated. Therefore, in case of any disease or physical health disorder, consult your doctor immediately to avoid constipation.

Other factors that can cause you to suffer from constipation are as follows.

• Stroke

• Parkinson’s disease

• Spinal cord injury

• Underactive thyroids

• Getting pregnant

• Diabetes

Apart from these, constipation is often complained of due to slowing down and limitation of organ functions in old age, for which older adults need to consult a doctor and take medicine.

There are many natural remedies for constipation that you can adopt at home to get rid of this disease, and many of these methods are also accepted by medical science.

1. Drink more water


Drink more water

Frequent dehydration can also cause constipation. To avoid this, it is essential to drink water regularly so the body does not become dehydrated and constipated. But if you are constipated, then drink carbonated water to relieve it. Remember that carbonated drinks are not a substitute for carbonated water; in some cases, they can aggravate constipation.

2. Eat more fiber-rich foods


Eat more fiber-rich foods

People who suffer from constipation are advised to eat fiber-rich foods. Research has shown that 77% of people who eat fiber-rich foods in their diet are relieved of constipation. This is because eating more fiber-rich food increases food movement in the intestines, and fiber-rich food relieves constipation due to faster digestion.

3. Exercising regularly


Exercising regularly

Recent research has mixed results about whether exercise causes constipation. Still, doctors agree that the movement of the organs caused by exercise helps to move food into the body, aiding in digestion and absorption. Thus, exercise can help relieve the symptoms and causes of constipation.

4. drink coffee


drink coffee

Drinking coffee, especially caffeinated coffee, has been shown to help relieve constipation. This is because coffee stimulates the digestive system’s muscles, increasing food movement. Coffee also contains a small amount of soluble fiber, which balances the bacteria in the gut and prevents constipation.

5. Avoiding dairy products

Sometimes, dairy products and lactose intolerance also cause constipation. If you find that you are experiencing constipation after eating products made from dairy products, the easiest solution is to eliminate these products from your diet. This can cause you to be deficient in calcium, but you can compensate by adding calcium-rich alternatives to your diet.


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