Science And Development

Artificial Intelligence Robot
It control the robots with different programs. And technology like machine learning is used(artificial intelligence robot).
Artificial Intelligence Robot
Lead A Successful Life
In this article, the principle of living successful life and blessings in sustenance are explained to man (lead a successful life).
Lead A Successful Life
Reforming Society
The process of change and change in any society is evident slowly and in a non-specific way (reforming society).
Reforming Society
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The true philosophy of sacrifice

The true philosophy of sacrifice

Beloved God, Sartaj al-Anbiya sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam, says that we, the group of prophets, are subjected to the difficulties ...
Huge investment

Neither heavy investment nor need to quit a job, some ways you can earn millions of rupees but still do not earn

Today, whoever you sit next to, you hear that there is no living, inflation has set everything on fire, the ...

A new version of ChatGPT with six new features, which can teach you math as well as flirt.

OpenAI, the maker of ChatGP, has introduced its new version, which includes an artificial intelligence chatbot. OpenAI, the maker of ...
environmental engineering

Environmental Engineering: Innovations for a Sustainable Future

In environmental engineering, innovation intertwines with sustainability to forge a path towards a greener future. This discipline embodies the art ...
circular economy

Circular Economy Embracing the Model for a Greener Future

The circular economy concept has gained significant traction in today's rapidly evolving world. A circular economy is an innovative approach ...
Travel Photography

Travel Photography Through Stunning the World

Travel photography is an art form that captures the essence of exploration, turning fleeting moments into timeless memories. As a ...
What is Education?

What is Education? Unraveling the Essence and Impact of Learning

People ask what education is. Then he says that my son is very well-educated and well-educated. My son has done ...
The Teacher Is The Destiny Of The Nation

The Teacher Is The Destiny Of The Nation

It is a human law that every building on earth needs a person who is skill and skilled in this ...
Modern Spirituality

Modern Spirituality: Embracing Inner Fulfillment and Self-Discovery

In the area's most beautiful and expensive wedding hall, the Dawat Walima function was going on. Due to the presence ...
good society

What is a Good Society in Islam: Principles and Values Explained

Society and ethics are the foundation of Islam. In Islamic teachings, ethics is emphasized because a peaceful society depends on ...
Reforming Society

Reforming Society: Empowering Change for a Brighter Future

The process of change and change in any society is evident slowly and in a non-specific way, and the effects ...
artificial intelligence robot

The Role of Artificial Intelligence Robots in Modern Society

Artificial intelligence (AI) and robots have become synonymous with cutting-edge technological advancements, revolutionizing various industries. These intelligent machines, often called ...