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A new version of ChatGPT with six new features, which can teach you math as well as flirt.

OpenAI, the maker of ChatGP, has introduced its new version, which includes an artificial intelligence chatbot.

OpenAI, the maker of ChatGPT, has introduced a new version in which an artificial intelligence chatbot has also been added to ChatGPT.

Introducing ‘ChatGPT for O’, a new version that’s not just for subscribers, but for all users of ChatGPT, including non-subscribers. We value your participation and want to ensure everyone benefits from our latest offering.

Get ready for a faster and more engaging experience with the new version of ChatGPT. We’ve also added a chatbot with a talking voice that can even flirt with you sometimes, adding fun to your interactions.

Discover the expanded capabilities of the new ChatGPT version. It’s not just about reading and discussing photo captions anymore. Now, it can translate them into multiple languages, interpret emotions from facial expressions, and even remember previously given answers, making it a versatile tool for various tasks.

In this version, the chatbot can be paused or tapped anywhere and is programmed in a simple conversational style. There is no interruption in the process of asking him questions and answering him.

New feature defects


ChatGPT 4

During a live demo of ChatGPT’s new audio version ‘GPT4O’, he suggested easier ways to solve math questions instead of solving them.

This version also analyzed a few computer codes, translated from Italian to English, and inferred emotions from a smiling person’s selfie.

This feature warmly greets users in the voice of an American woman and asks them how they are doing. And when praised, the chatbot replied, ‘Just do it, I’m ashamed.’

But it wasn’t all perfect or right as, at one point, he mistook the smiling man for a wooden surface and started solving a math question that wasn’t even shown to him. This unintended chatbot behavior indicates that there is still much work to be done to improve the factors that make chatbots unreliable and potentially insecure.

But it gives us an idea of the future direction of OpenAI. GPT4O will be the next-generation digital assistant, meaning it will be a turbocharged Siri or Hey Google that remembers it. What has been said about it is that it will be able to communicate with humans beyond voice and text.

However, a significant problem is the environmental cost of this technology.

We know that artificial intelligence requires more energy than traditional computing tasks, and the more advanced it is, the more computing energy it needs.

We have previously seen Elon Musk’s ‘Grok’ and DeepMind company co-founder Mustafa Suleiman’s ‘Pie,’ a chatbot that prioritizes its own ‘personality.’ However, how ChatGPT4O responds using a combination of text, audio, and images has put the OpenAI company ahead of the curve.

Of course, we’ve only tested one company’s experience so far. However, knowing how this version will answer millions of users’ questions when rolled out to the general public will be interesting.

Meera Moratti, chief technology officer at OpenAI, called GPT4O “magical” and said the company would remove the “mystery” associated with its introduction.

This chatbot uses a collection of exciting words to express emotions and communicate. This technology is being further improved. It’s not magic, but complex computer programming and machine learning are behind it.

Rumors of a partnership between OpenAI and tech giant Apple have been rife and have yet to be confirmed. However, this could indicate that appeal products were used during the chatbot launch.

Another thing that mattered in the tech world was the timing of its unveiling event, which came at a time when rival company Google would introduce its latest artificial intelligence technology at its annual conference. Is.

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