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After electronics, a new era started called the computer age. Manufactured computer; it is not a distant thing. A Man stepped on the moon in 1960. And in 1980, there was only one mainframe computer inside a university. Computer engineering has made a considerable difference in the medical line. So the X-ray machine became the ultrasound machine. City Scan became MIR. Even the use of devices began to increase within the theatre of operations. Operations that were previously impossible. Now it seems possible. These are things from 1960 till now called the computer age (computer system).

Genetic Engineering (computer system)


Genetic Engineering


Thus another new technology came, which overthrew the first one. This is called genetic engineering. It is said that this field of engineering will pave the way for the coming of the Hour. The rest of the areas were means and means, and this field of genetic engineering was the main field. What is genetic engineering? Understanding the makeup of a human being by considering his cells and DNA and manipulating it to our will? So genetic engineering came and did the first good thing. That Darwin’s theory kicked him out of the universities.

Today, few people believe in Darwin’s theory in any country. There was a time when Darwinian theory ruled the universities for hundreds of years. Every scientist, every great professor believed in Darwin’s theory. He used to say that man is made of monkeys. He scientifically thought that God did not create man. Instead, it was first born itself, then became a chimpanzee, and then its hair and tail disappeared. Then came the mind. And he became human. They match 90 per cent of the time. So this close match fooled the scientists. They said that we are made of monkeys.

Man is Allah’s Caliph in this World.

Fourteen hundred years ago, the Holy Quran revealed that man was not created from monkeys. When a man was corrupted, he became a monkey. That is, he became a monkey when he fell from his position. This has been the case in universities for hundreds of years. But genetic engineering came and ended this debate. How can he become a man from a monkey? So there must be millions upon millions of chimpanzees in the world. And then they all gradually become human. The hair disappeared, the tail disappeared, and his mind improved. And after that, he became human. But genetic engineering has proven that this is not the case. Genetic engineering says that look human has chromosomes. There are 23 in men and 23 women.

Allah Almighty has given man so much ability to understand what is inside the sky and the earth and then use it according to his will. Consider that man is the caliph of Allah in this world. Now it is such a big factory. So they don’t go back and make the scumbag their deputy. How does the poor know how to run a factory? He makes the general manager behind him his deputy. However, they realize the available manager position is less than the owner’s. Instead, he can run this factory when man becomes the caliph of Allah Ta’ala. So the Lord created this universe. Who has given this man so many abilities that he can use this system of the universe by turning it up and down at will called Maqam Taskhir (computer system)?

Power Of God (computer system)

For example, there is a temperature inside a woman’s uterus. On top of this, the baby begins to form. The temperature that is now will be the same all over the world. It would never be possible for her to give birth to a child at 10 degrees Celsius below that. What nature has made law the law of major for him? So man further developed this art. Every human being has a DNA. The whole specifics of man is written in it. Man understood his codes. He began to explain it. He found out that when this happens, the hair turns black. They are long. And if this happens, the hair becomes short curly hair. If this is the case, the eyes are blue; if so, the eyes are black. And they are white (computer system).

Therefore, most genetic engineering work is being done on it today. The line is not that humble. But being a student did a small study. Most of all is happening on anti-ageing. Science says that the most significant disease is the age that man grows. Remove the anti-ageing treatment. Old age does not mean that old age has not come. They say cancer is a probability in old age. It doubles every nine years. That is, the probability of cancer in the child is reduced. After nine years, twice as much as before, then when he turns eighteen, double as before, at the age of twenty-seven, then double again. After every nine years, the rate of the disease doubles every year. So they say that this is the actual disease. Scientists say that we can achieve two results by working on anti-ageing.

The limit of human age

From this age, it will be 10 to 15 years and above. Then the advantage of this is that the person will be free from diseases till the last part of his life. They say that age is 90 years, but ninety years is too late. When one is 40 years old, the problem of the spine becomes. When he was forty-five years old, his joints began to ache. Then the blood pressure begins. This is the life of diseases. This was no life. So they say that there should be no diseases.

Death comes according to what Allah has written in life. But there should be a long life. This is a target that is relatively easy to complete. So today’s scientist is working to develop more. Apart from this, there was a disease with which the child’s eyes would get such pearls that he would become future. So genetic engineering came up with a cure so that children who were cured of the disease lived up to the age of seventy with sight. So the man started treating such conditions (computer system).

Xeno transplantation (computer system)


Xeno transplantation


Now man started treating a new disease called zoo transplant. The organs needed in the human body should be injected into animals, taken out of animals and injected into humans when that spare part starts working, called a zoo transplant. The chimpanzee is most similar to the human body. But chimpanzees are rare. This is something revolutionary within the human world. In today’s material age, thousands of human DNA has been decoded. Now he knows how to cure human disease (computer system).

So a new invention is happening nowadays, doctors know very well. When a boy is born, there is a human being between the child and the mother. It contains blood called the Umbilical Card. The work of preserving the blood inside it has started today. He is outstanding until the child’s birthday when that plot unfolds. And this causes all the cells to die. And man has no substitute for them. So what used to be blood banks in Europe today? They started creating a genetic bank. And they give five thousand seven thousand dollars to each child, take the blood from the record, and save it.

These European companies have now started agreements with Pakistani companies as well. And this is the latest thing. Instead, a company in the United States has also begun its retirement. The purpose of saying this is that man has started such works through this technology. That which surprised the human mind. It would be a long story, but no need to tell it. But it is also an industry. That was the first technology source. And genetic technology will now cause the apocalypse (computer system).

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