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A storm of mental and physical diseases and intellectual disorientation

Today, kids and seniors enjoy watching their smartphones on their mobile screens. It is not free mobile data, but a toy in their hands; visiting malicious websites to relieve boredom is now for everyone, kids and seniors. There is no shame. Individuals who do not speak directly to their families do not get tired of maintaining fake (online) friendships and relationships. And the chains of troubles unravel (mobile technology).

They try to garner sympathy by pleading with the once-hollow online world on the illusion of fake relationships. The students are depressed by studies, marks, and unhealthy competition. Adolescent pressures, doubts about loneliness, and the ravages of the Internet and social media can make a person suffer and try to find pleasure. Children suffering from emotional turmoil and confusion fall prey to false consolations and insidious relationships. Their future is at stake in the status, glamor, and sensationalism cycle. Intellectual disorientation in children at the hands of the Internet and online world is growing well.

Over the past few years, the education system has become increasingly dominated by commercial online educational companies, and madrasahs were closed for almost two years due to the terrible poisonous propaganda during the coronavirus epidemic period, which confined children to their homes and separated from social life. Human psychology includes the fact that if something is available for free, then it is an It is misused. Many societal problems have come into existence due to the psychology of free eating. Even if we get poison for free, we do not hesitate to drink it. Exploitative business systems continue to manipulate the world by exploiting the psychology of freebies.

Mobile Device (mobile technology)


Mobile Device

After the launch of cheap mobile data plans in 2014, cell phones were in the hands of every child. I saw a three-year-old child using a cell phone and innocent parents opening their mouths. Our child is so tech-savvy. The pandemic era of Kerela, Neemchala removed all the obstacles in accessing the internet, mobile, and other media in one fell swoop. Initially, online education seemed very attractive and advanced to parents and others. However, after the lockdown, parents realized the real dangers of cell phones given to children in the name of online education. The light of recent events has come to light; mobile telephones equipped with internet data are proving to be a precursor to a significant threat to society. May Allah keep these fears and worries, but if it is not stupidity to turn a blind eye to reality, what else is it?

Functions Of The Prefrontal Cortex (mobile technology)


Prefrontal Cortex

The front part of the brain, the prefrontal cortex, helps in emotional control and self-control, and it is not fully developed before the age of twenty-five years. People under twenty-five struggle for emotional power, self-control, accountability, judgment, wisdom, and practicality. The new generation engrossed in the pursuit of pleasure is destroying the moral values ​​of society through the harmful use of mobile phones and the internet. Cell phones are more than malaria and dengue mosquitoes. It is toxic. Devastating stories of its poisonous effects on psychological, social, and physical disorders and crimes are now coming to light.

The habit of cell phones has deprived children of a sense of responsibility, but Nudity, pornographic films (blue films), violent videos, and games are sometimes creating a moral crisis. By creating WhatsApp, and Instagram groups, children are wasting their time doing nasty things like insulting and slandering each other, Beating, killing, suicide, rape, homosexuality, forgetting family, having sex with mother and sister but Relationship, alcoholism, cigarette, hakka, hashish, and other drug use.

Parents are happy that their children are very innocent. Political parties don’t care about the welfare of students. Can they get votes after their interest? A part from cell phones, hardware, and data plans. The online gaming business alone is more than a billion dollars. We must seriously consider these issues to save our new generation from destruction.

Mobile Technology In Children (mobile technology)


Mobile Technology In Children

You mean, why don’t we give cell phones to kids? Should we turn them away from technology? How can you do the stupid thing of not giving them a cell phone? My dear brother, when did I say your children should stay away from technology and go to the stone age? We should pay attention not only to information but also to their training. The combination of this training is called education.

Technology is our slave. Can we become slaves to technology? Put a child safety lock on the desktop at home. The school parents and teachers under their supervision help children get the information they need from the Internet (mobile technology). In the Bathroom, close the door at any other place and watch pornographic material (blue pictures) to protect your children’s cell phone addiction. The damaging brains of millions of children are due to the deterioration of gray matter and white matter in the brain. Millions of children are losing their vision entirely or partially due to the blue of cell phones.

Playing video games on cell phones can cause tennis, Elbow and shoulder drops, and head drop (syndrome) to suffer from diseases. One or two is not; millions of children worldwide have followed this disastrous path. Children are very innocent, harmless, and gentle, and protect your children from mobile phone addiction (mobile technology). This is the collective responsibility of parents, teachers, and school management. The people involved in the welfare and education cause of children.


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