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Reforming Society: Empowering Change for a Brighter Future

The process of change and change in any society is evident slowly and in a non-specific way, and the effects of this change are manifest when a new colour prevails in the attitudes of individuals. The basis of the society and the atmosphere of brotherhood is strong and stable. When cooperation and mutual relations begin to weaken, society begins to deteriorate. Society is the name of an organized collection of human beings. Don’t socialize in a crowded or chaotic group with high values and rules. All these decisions are implemented. It is considered an ideal society with empowered institutions, and the people get the protection of life, property, and honour. In this regard, Madinah’s society is not called an ideal and masterpiece society. Jais’s collective character included purity, self-sacrifice, honesty, philanthropy, trustworthiness, and attributes of Hamida (reforming society).

Undoubtedly, there are mixed tendencies of good and evil in every human society, which have their influence. Under their positive and negative effects, every society decides its journey of secular life. It is also observed that the forces of evil often prevail over good. But suppose the spirit of honesty and the yearning for humanity is practised. In that case, the victory is for the truth because the truth has its colour, and even if it is late, it will appear because the truth will remain, and the falsehood will disappear. Contrary to this, if pursuing material desires and comforts is made the life goal in society, then the logical result is fear, excess, lust and cruelty.

Materialism (reforming society)




Materialism is the antithesis of spirituality. From materialism, the concept of domination by force emerges, which gives rise to violence. This worldly way of thinking caused two great wars inflicted on humanity in the last century. The terrible consequences continue to manifest in the human race for years. Society is formed under the influence of a purely materialistic approach. In his view, material values have no status, nor does this society recognize intangibles. What cannot be seen with the eyes is not credible to him; people who live in this intellectual delusion decide all their affairs based on their material interests, no matter how much the reader’s conscience screams and how much the moral sense is tormented. Today, most of our society has lost its original path by imitating others.

Responsibilities of a good citizen

Now the question is what should be the responsibilities of being a good citizen collectively for the reform society. And why a Muslim needs to fulfil these obligations in particular. In this regard, the first important thing is that the responsibility of the space society is a requirement of the faith of Muslims. Another important aspect of reforming society is that the secret of our reformation and security lies therein. To implement the requirements mentioned above for reforming society, a person must start with himself because controlling self is the best Jihad, so for the safety and survival of his faith, he should avoid any action that His personality became a victim of disintegration, from the harmful effects of which the members of the society were also safe and secure (reforming society).

Just as good is contagious, evil is also contagious, which grows like a reflective vine. As Muslims, we draw people away or closer by our good and bad deeds. Because a person’s good or bad action also becomes a means of silent preaching. Moreover, in the reform of the society, the arrangement of close relatives should also be kept in mind. Our loving relationships deserve it more. In this way, the priority is given to a person’s family member. Information The organized and superior form of society is the handiwork of those who, in a coordinated and organized manner, resist the oppressive forces for the well-being of society and the purification of the environment from negativity and obscenity. His support also falls under the category of cooperation.

Commanding Goodness (reforming society)

Cooperating in good deeds is itself a great virtue. Because enjoining good and forbidding evil is an obligatory duty for believers. Taghuti Peshwas have spread a very strong net to eat the Islamic society in the form of a secular society. In this satanic game, those intellectual thinkers and religious scholars of our society who are trying their best to prepare a modern version of Islam are fanatics of Islam. Enemies have become gods of nations (reforming society).

At present, Islamic societies are facing threats both internally and externally. Anti-Islamic forces have tried their best to destroy the roots of Islamic values. Every Muslim should stick to his religious values. A person’s faith will be shaken if there is a crack in monotheism and prophethood. The maturity of beliefs makes a person burn. And souls are water. But it is also worth noting that Islam is a religion of enlightened, broad-minded, balanced life. For its proper dissemination, our orthodox intellectuals, religious scholars and Sheikhs should be prepared to respond toothlessly to the West’s misguided ideas.

The reformation of society is a challenge for us, so we have to deal with the storm of error and misguidance with full awareness of the ground realities. In any aspect, the practical, intellectual and theoretical deficiency and the lack of clarity in the basic beliefs and ideas of religion can lead to our defeat. We should use all available resources to clean the society from all kinds of dirt and pollution. It is also a requirement of our religion and a guarantor of the safety of our future generations.


Good Society

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