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What is a Good Society in Islam: Principles and Values Explained

Society and ethics are the foundation of Islam. In Islamic teachings, ethics is emphasized because a peaceful society depends on human ethics. Society has a joint chapter because every nation can develop with good morals and character. It makes nations and deteriorates; morals are the backbone of any society. Whether it is Muslim or non-Muslim society, the Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said Shall I tell you something better than fasting, charity and zakat? We asked why not. The Prophet ﷺ said: It is to remove mutual discord and seek peace. 

They are not hiding from anyone because of our mutual disagreement. Muslims are being subjected to cruelty and brutality in different places; the reason is that we are Muslims, but our lives are empty of practice and education. We are far away from the Qur’an and Sunnah of the Prophet (PBUH); there is no unity and agreement left in our ranks. We are divided into religious and partial differences; today, we have hatred in our hearts due to political and religious disturbances and distractions, and this hatred is less.

In this modern age, political extremism and sectarianism have made us hollow and weak, due to which we are not respected in the world today. The first reason is that we have united. We left the base of agreement and forgot the relationship of politeness and respect, so degradation became our destiny. At the same time, the religion of Islam has always taught unity and agreement to its followers, a nation that achieves rise and progress in the world and good morals.

What is the morality of humanity?

Morality is the jewel of humanity because it is the attribute that separates man from animals. If there is no morality, then there is no difference between man and animal. Allah Ta’ala sent prophets in every era to guide man on the right path and to teach him morals. The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, was also sent to fulfil morals. So calm and prayers be upon him, present the highest example of morality to the world of humanity, which the Almighty witnessed in the Qur’an. 

Today’s Muslims are dying in the world. It is a pity that today’s child is ignorant of religion despite being born in a Muslim family. We do not know what religion, morality, or faith are.

What is the real meaning of modesty? (What is a good society in Islam?)

In society, what is modesty, what is honour, and what is the protection of honour? What is justice? We must remember that we have been sent down to this world for a purpose. It may not be wrong to say that today’s Muslims are just names. Muslims are left; today, we are not alive as Muslims; today, Islam is only a name. Each individual is responsible for accounting for their culture, ethics, culture, and religion. 

Evils such as decadence, immorality, moral corruption, and social depravity are born. What evil is there in our society today? These evils have spread like a virus and engulfed our young generations. In our community, fighting, abuse, abuse, murder, corruption, fault finding, jealousy, pride and arrogance, self-interest, fraud, duplicity, mixing, greed, bribery, and adultery are common in our society. Usury, hoarding, theft, alcohol consumption, smoking, illicit profiteering, and gambling are common. Our youth need more training.

What are the significant features of society?

In search, faith is true, the yearning, pain, anxiety, and indecisiveness. That should have been for the Lord of the universe, but it has started to be for money. Instead of giving time to their children, they are busy with their mobile phones. The youths are wandering idly in parks and restaurants instead of mosques and madrassas; girls are walking around naked in gardens and markets, and young boys in schools, colleges, and universities. People who are entangled in life’s problems listen to music instead of doing dhikr and feel that. They will forget their troubles for a while and then fall into a peaceful sleep (What a good society is in Islam). 

Unfortunately, due to the lack of training of our children, our Muslim society presents a view of the non-Muslim society. Sometimes by making films, sometimes by making dramas, and sometimes by creating social media profiles. Sometimes, by making TikTok, today’s youth school. Instead of going to the gym, it is essential to go to the gym. It is a pity that all this is becoming a feature of today’s society: drug addiction, which is the basis of the evils that are growing day by day. Like a canker sore in today’s society, our hearts have no peace. 

What is the role of morality in a civilized society? (What is a good community in Islam?)

Muslims should think about themselves today: are we worthy of being called the inhabitants of a moral and civilized society? Yes, we are at the forefront of destroying the best and most beautiful Islamic civilization in the world by bringing moral corruption into our community; wake up (What is a good society in Islam). 

There is still time to worry about beautifying your society and morals, prioritizing your family over social media, holding fast to the Qur’an and Hadith, and following it. Worry about decorating the Hereafter; protect yourself from righteous deeds. Strengthen your faith, educate your children according to the religion of Islam, and tell them about Islam from their childhood. And make them have noble morals and character. So they do not change themselves” (Surat al-Ra’d: 11). Parents and teachers are requested to guide them in educational matters and moral and spiritual training. May we be adorned and beautified and enable our future generations to walk and practice the religion of Islam. 


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