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Modern Spirituality: Embracing Inner Fulfillment and Self-Discovery

In the area’s most beautiful and expensive wedding hall, the Dawat Walima function was going on. Due to the presence of an influential person in the society, people from all walks of life were involved in the process. There was still time to eat. A few friends discussed Spiritualism, Sufism, True Sufism, and Current Spirituality. An educated son of wealthy parents was also involved in our conversation, repeatedly insisting on the same thing: Spirituality can help the modern man (modern Spirituality).

How is modern Spirituality different from religion?

How can a person of the present age become an influential member of society by taking the help of Spirituality? Or to what extent can Spirituality be helpful in worldly affairs, or is Spirituality just the name of stories and stories? Spirituality has been the hobby of those with natural tendencies of all ages, i.e., those who naturally have a high taste for worship. We have genuine love for the creator of the universe, and then we want to serve God in the true sense of the word.

But the present age is immersed in the desire for self-righteousness and the desire for power and materialism. Authoritarianism has taken hold, so today’s man is declaring Spirituality as an art or a field like other fields of arts or to obtain those transcendental supernatural powers by following the lessons and exercises of Spirituality. He wants to get a chance to swing the swing in the slave cycles of energy, or the goddess of power can become your handmaiden. Spirituality has also started to be taken in a different sense. Many young people want to know about Spirituality.

What is the origin of Spirituality? (Modern Spirituality)

Spirituality means such acts of worship, self-purification, and meditation, by following which the student can get rid of the external and internal filth and stand in the presence of God so that the light of God shines on the student’s glass heart. May the revelations come to the students who can cope with the pleasures of observation and move towards the destination of nearness to God. They want to use Spirituality, something other than understanding human history. In contrast, the pages of human history are a total of bright mentions of the wise Sufis when the ruler walked barefoot to these Borian residents with folded hands and requested Mr. Chief. Accept the position of justice and do great favours to the state. But this great soul, like the Himalayas of character, Qudsiya, always refused.

When Hakim Waqt asked them to accept the position, when they refused, they were flogged. They were locked up in jails, and then their funerals came out of the prison. But they are getting punishment, and they are taking it that I cannot be a part of the evil deeds of the government, always denied. Did the honest Sophia of every era remain free from greed and greed? The positions were laid at their feet, and the vast estates were laid at their feet. They were offered privileges and stipends; papers were present, and diamonds and jewels were piled up. An attempt was made to persuade the close friends, relatives, and the dead. But the pride of the mountains of poverty never convinces them to do anything.

What is the relationship between religion and Spirituality?

The old Khadar’s bag preferred Sultani’s barley flour over Shahi’s chicken food. This was the total enjoyment of the life of the people of Rakhi-in-Boria. Their smell was a straight mat, a torn old hat, a lump of clay. The glorification of ancient grains was more critical than the thrones and crowns of sultans. Their breath was short among the armies. These dervishes, who felt the pain of God in their chests, were rich in wealth. 

The kings of all ages circumambulated their huts with bare feet, but these dust dwellers. He never dulled the colour of impoverishment by knocking on the Sultan’s door, even if he forgot. It was his audacity and devotion to God that the seven scholars in the world. Who used to make the dust of the halls of power the eyes of the kings. Such scholars continued to enjoy official honours and positions. But they could not become the crown princes of the hearts of the creatures. Which the real sultans enjoyed by the people of Burma. 

How do you practice Spirituality? (Modern Spirituality)

It was a long time ago when the sultans did not put piles of diamonds and jewels at the feet of these dust dwellers. The capitalists licked the dust from their feet. The nawabs and feudal lords kept rubbing the dirt on their doorsteps. 

The tongues of the Maharajas became dry with pleas. The nawabs of vast jagirs were lying at their door like beggars. Who does not want to spoil the pleasures of the corridors of power? The true defenders of honour and poverty, staying away from the world’s filth. But when the Sultan offered Hazrat Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani the half-day governorship, he refused to accept it. Barwali Nagor presented Shaikh Hamid-ud-Din Naguri with land, cash rupees from Shah Waqt, and a request to get it. What I have is due to me, Hazrat Mirza Jan Janan. A nobleman prepared a mansion monastery, fixed a stipend, and applied for your service.

One day, Nawab Feroze Jang saw that he was lying on an old sheet in the scorching heat. Tears came, and he said, “Let us know the misfortune of sinners. The elders of whom we are disciples do not accept our prayers. La Faqir has fasted, saying that I will not get the needs of the rich. Now that the sun is nearing sunset, why should I break my fast? Once, Nawab Nizam-ul-Mulk offered 30,000 as alms, but he did not accept it as usual. So the Nawab said, take it and distribute it to the poor in the way of God. It will start and end by reaching two houses. These were the spiritual people whose eyebrows millions of people were painted with the colour of faith.


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