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What is Education?

What is Education? Unraveling the Essence and Impact of Learning

People ask what education is. Then he says that my son is very well-educated and well-educated. My son has done a BA, so now he is very educated. However, the people we meet are defined in their way. Scholars and scholars have also described it in many ways. No one definition is identical to the other, but practically all mean the same thing. Any action that teaches you how to live a better life is education (What Is Education?).

What is the truth of education?

The process that ignites your intelligence. I tell the children in the class that when you look at something and start thinking about what it is, why it is, and how it is, that means that a thought has arisen in you, which you call education. Just like if you bring a gun and you don’t know how to shoot it, you cannot be called a hunter. So, it would help if you were educated to read and store or take mindlessly required action every moment.

Where there is a lack of training, there needs to be education. Education is only complete with practical training. Education does not require schools and degrees, either. Because it is a process of learning that can be done in any way. The founder of modern, John Dewey, says it is an experience. Many experiences arise, and each experience leads to many new experiences. So, education is a series of experiences from which we learn better.

What is the role of education in good citizenship?

Education helps us to become a good citizen and a good human being. We stand up, sit, talk, eat, drink, and treat others, so everything has sophistication and elegance. The quality is that it positively affects both the person and the society. An educated person has a better role in the community. Education improves the abilities of individuals and enables them to serve the community better. It is that enriches a person with collective thinking and acquaints him with the traditions and customs of his ancestors. Says Patherin. The path is what you follow in the footsteps of the elders. These books are the footprints of the elders that lead us to a good and better way. Can. Education gives you the knowledge and skills to do something well. Education is for young people

1. Facilitates employment.

2. Gives better earning potential.

3. It gives them a better lifestyle.

4. The world is a whole of information and provides access.

What are social responsibilities?

Education about social responsibilities brings a silent revolution in society. People understand their responsibilities, respect each other, and participate fully in social activities. If there is a difference in lifestyle between two close relatives, then in reality, this difference is only education. The truth is that, Overall, it contributes significantly to the welfare of society. It requires people to distinguish between good and evil and their good role in society. Education demands mutual respect in the family and community. Education guarantees both for and amenity in every way. This is the reason why, in civilized societies, it is the most significant expenditure.

Nizam-ul-Mulk Tusi was a famous minister of the Seljuq era. He founded Madrasah Nizamiyyah and created many teachers nationwide under the same name. He built a research institute called Dar al-Hikmat in Damascus, one of the best universities of its time. The style of which is still adopted by Western teachers. Someone complained to the king about Tusi that he was wasting money and not paying attention to defense, so the king asked Tusi, you have spent all the country’s capital on these institutions and did not build any fort, etc. What will we do in the event of an enemy attack? Tusi replied, I had made those forts which will last for the rest of the world, which no enemy will be able to demolish under any circumstances, and because of this, you and I will live forever.

Education Is A Business

Today, education is a business and is becoming increasingly expensive daily. Tuition, accommodation, and other related expenses have become so high that they are far from the commoner’s reach. Especially the fees of private educational institutions are no less than a burden for the commoner and his family. Goes are already expensive but still a bargain. Since people understand the importance of education today, they are forced to bear the burden of expenses for their children. They have learned that the difference between ordinary and influential citizens is nothing else.


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