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The Teacher Is The Destiny Of The Nation

The Teacher Is The Destiny Of The Nation

It is a human law that every building on earth needs a person who is skill and skilled in this work. They say that if this architect is inexperienced and needs to gain expertise in this work, there will be defects in the structure and foundation of the building. From this, it is known to protect the building from the foundation to the end. There is a need for an architect who has experience in his work and does his job from the foundation accurately and precisely. Do it with sincerity so that the whole building can be prepared better. Similarly, in the human world, there is a need for an architect who can build human beings morally, socially, and collectively. They are remembered by other terms (The teacher is the destiny of the nation).

Teacher architect of the nation

Finding a good teacher in a society is no less than a treasure because the teacher determines the good and bad direction of the community. If the teacher wants, he should run the community in such a way that there is a way of progress and development, a form of observing morals and values, a way of distinguishing between right and wrong, where right is called right and wrong is called false. Suppose the teacher leaves the path of benevolence, chooses the way of evil, and betrays this position of the prophets. In that case, this same teacher becomes a nuisance to society and provides a problem to the community.

The teacher’s training influences the students, who, after years of studying literature, gain from their teacher, go to society, set the derived effect on society, and lead to the change of culture.

Despising teacher training and education

The teacher’s There can be two styles of training and education, and both have their special effect, which can be expected from the student and learner in the future (The teacher is the destiny of the nation).

1. Brain Washing

Brainwashing is a process in which the teacher, whatever the situation and whatever he wants to teach (right or wrong) in front of his student so that nothing else seems right to him. One element in it is to depend, that is, to rely on one’s speech, and it is not allowed to refer to anyone else. The student is mentally paralyzed. This process is very harmful, and often, the same method is used to promote false teachings, due to which the society accustomed to this method never finds the path of free thought and is always bound in the chains of mental slavery.

2. Thinking and thinking (The teacher is the destiny of the nation)

The second way is the way of thinking in which the teacher lives with his students in such an environment. These young people are the guarantors of future progress and development. The educator wants such thinkers to come out of them whose names will remain for centuries. This is certainly the approach that Bu Ali Sina, Khwarazmi, Malasudra, Khomeini, Shaheed Sadr, and Murtaza Mutahari take. Other geniuses like them are given to society, and this is the teacher fulfilling the right of Prophets.

The series of teachers and students before the creation of Adam (peace be upon him)

Although the human fetus steps into the external light of the world from the mother’s darkness, it is intellectual. He needs an enlightener, a light giver who enlightens him intellectually. The dark and darkness of ignorance and ignorance. Take it out and transfer it to the ocean of knowledge. Only from this can the importance and excellence of such a great person be estimated. Who takes a person from ignorance and brings him into the beautiful valley of knowledge.

And what is more excellent than this is that Allah points in this direction in His luminous speech. Whoever revived one soul, it is as if he restored the whole of humanity. Below this verse, some commentators write that giving life here means taking a person out of ignorance and entering the valley of knowledge. Of course, it is the nature of the teacher who can equip a person with this precious jewel.

The chain of teachers and students in the universe is very ancient. The root of this chain can be found somewhere before the creation of Adam. When Allah created the angels, the angels appeared in the presence of Allah and came to the question and answer stage to ask Malaika. Who am I, and who are you? In the tradition, a chosen angel of Allah began to say; I am taught him to say Antar al Arb al Jalil. Wa Ana al Abd al Dazlil then learned that some teachers teach the angels (The teacher is the destiny of the nation).

The teacher of the position of the Prophets

This process continued in the same way in the generation of Adam (a.s) have passed. And are imparting enlightened knowledge to man and teaching. The difference between right and wrong, then, do you ever see. The Enwar Khamsa’s leader and the universe’s brightest star is considered. The status of Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa ﷺ as a teacher is a source of pride for him. He is the one who sent the Umayyads a Messenger from them, reciting his verses to them and reminding them of them.

The importance of the Book and wisdom. If they were before me, God sent a Messenger among the people of Makkah. Who was from among them to recite the verses before them? To purify their souls and to teach them the Book and wisdom, even though these people were very open. They were suffering from misguidance” (Al-Juma’ah 5).

So what can be the greatness of a teacher than that if he belongs to this field? It is not a minor field, but he has been blessed with a position. That is related to all the Prophets. May peace be upon him, especially the Prophet.

Great is called in Arsh Elahi (The teacher is the destiny of the nation)

It is narrated that Imam Sadiq (peace be upon him) said that whoever learns knowledge and practices for the sake of Allah. It is for the sake of Allah and teaches him for the sake of Allah. That person is in the heavenly kingdom. It is called great.

Baqir al-Uloom Imam Muhammad Baqir (peace be upon him) while explaining the greatness of a teacher. Imam Jafar Sadiq (peace be upon him) says that he first learned himself with the condition of sincerity. Then teaches others and then also acts, that is. In this tradition, the scholar, the teacher, and the worker are the three. It has been gathered that if these three Sharias are collected, this person is called great in Arsh Elahi. It is high that this title reaches the earth in Arsh Elahi.

The Prophet’s prayer for teachers

It is enough for someone’s position and dignity that such a person expresses good wishes for him. Who is the most significant person in the universe? What will be the status of someone who receives dua from such a person? Who responds to dua and leaves? The dua is the answer and a resource in the people’s prayers. Yes, peace be upon him, says, O Allah, forgive the teachers, prolong their lives, and bless them in their occupation.



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